Baby Aylah

Welcome, Baby Aylah ❤

I am so excited to meet this little girl! I was so happy to be considered the one to take her maternity shots. My cousin Melissa and I have practically been raised like sisters, so joining her on this new journey feels like a complete blessing. With Luis right by her side, Aylah is sure to be raised with magic in her heart and a smile on her face. ❤ I attest that the pregnancy glow is SO real! My cousin looked absolutely beautiful! She’s a walking angel carrying a cosmic miracle. Hart Park surprised me this time as Mother Nature gifted the landscape beautiful reds proclaiming the changing of the season and the beauty of new life. ❤



“Life as constantly changing.

The rules are rearranging,


From monotony

From those who want a tyranny

Confused about polygamy,

We are silenced.

Our minds are overtaken

But see, you are mistaken

For here did we awaken

So hungry and forsaken.

Just take in

The way

The light

This life

The day

To them you don’t obey,

You mold your mind like clay.

This life is but a play

Bittersweet… but hey

It’s ok.

We’ll make it through

We always do.”

-Sandra Arely


Leaders of the Renaissance

“Leaders of the Renaissance

I know you hear my cry

The world is in shambles, they’re eating us alive.

If all the clocks are ticking we know the time has come,

The foolish men don’t understand the freedom bells aren’t done.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

It’s time to stir the art

Because tomorrow’s yesterday, and yesterday’s begot.

It’s all a dream

But what your eyes have seen

Pave ways for steps right in between.

For those who get the message, they’re fierce in their design

Try stopping dreaming light, it’s warned to not be tried.

If at the speed of light, the focus is just right,

We can take our home to paradise, with music, soul, and dance.

Leaders of the Renaissance

Let all your voices heard

Because ‘To Be or Not To Be’

Left vision manifested irony.

We need your help to guide us through the Era of Apocalypse

And you are teachers, breathing light

Masters of the theatre who were perfectly taught right.

Rightly right, or rightly wrong

We know that you are strong.

Please heed the warnings

Please read the signs

It’s the keepers of the arts who hold a place in all our hearts.

Every jester, every fairy Puck too,

Can lift this world up and help you guide the braves ones through.

Shine bright like a beacon of the Sun.

Create, Illuminate, and have some Fun.

The time is here, the time is NOW.

To this,

End Scene. I bow.”

-Sandra A.

Byte of Science

I’m so excited to start the Byte of Science events for 2017! I couldn’t be more  grateful to the Hamed Mirzaei Foundation for making this possible, and for allowing me the opportunity to talk about something I’m so passionate about. It is a joy trying to combine both science and the arts, and I hope to spark an interest in curious creatives so that they too can share their unique view of the world, with the world. I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone on this one, but I can’t wait to unfold the evening with you! This ones for the Renaissance :)) Science is under attack and art may be the one to save it! 😉


TransformARTive Layers

One with Source

“You are not separate from this house

You are not separate from this room

You are not separate from yourself

But everything is a reflection of you.

The only thing that changes is your view of the real

to help the world heal

the minds of those who have disconnected from the source.

By force.

Hidden are the teachings that unblind the pupil

Astounded, is left feeling futile.

If we recognize ourselves inside the mirror

we will find world peace can get nearer.

A new reality

where human collaboration is totality,

No longer separate from our brothers

the world needs love from one another.

No separation from source

Our will we must enforce.”

Sandra A.

“The Black Hole”

I am nothing short of excited for today’s event hosted by a really dear, and wonderful friend of mine, Val Rodriguez.

The Black Hole

With so many projects on hand, it tends to get a little difficult to finish some, and even more difficult to properly share my projects once they are finished. So when Val presented the opportunity for a night of Art, I pushed myself to complete yet another project that I deeply care about. Tonight I will be sharing mini polaroids of many of the insects I photograph while I venture this world. It is my hope for others to see the beauty of nature and what it has to offer every day in every way.

This is a sneak peak of the photographs that will be on display tonight, and trust me, there are more surprises ahead!

Prickly Pair

Hope to see many of you there! 🙂